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30 Minutes in the Life | February 2019

30 Minutes in the Life | February 2019

Just Smile

Last Autumn, I learned of a new hashtag on Instagram started by the wonderful @larainthemiddle . #100thingsthatmakemesmile appealed to me for several reasons and it came at a time when I was really feeling down in the dumps creatively. Kind of like the idea behind stopping to smell the roses in life, this challenge was simply to notice anything, no matter how small in one’s day that made them smile. The challenge was simple, attainable and most importantly, it felt authentic. Smiles shared by people around the world not boasting, over complicating, staging or presenting perfectly curated Instagram feeds. All of this actually perked me up to join in and engage with like minded individuals taking part in this challenge. PLEASE note though, I still absolutely adore all the inspiration I get on Instagram about the things I love and am interested in - everything from flowers, interiors, travel, culture, and photography. Overall, it is an inspiring place, I’ve made some lovely connections and at times it can be a lovely escape from day to day routines.

The good news is that I completed the challenge as of yesterday, (woohoo!) and if you fancy having a look, you’ll find my 100 smiles on my Instagram feed the.fernweh.files The challenge gave me time to be more mindful, to breathe and notice the little things that make me smile. I would definitely love to take part in a challenge like this again in future.

Without further adieu, for this month’s 30 Minutes in the Life, I wanted to share my quiet moment together with some fading roses, studying window light and getting reacquainted with my big girl camera again. I finally dusted it off after a very long break….and I mean a long break! I can’t explain what made me feel ‘meh’ and ‘blah’ about my photography because down deep inside I’m actually crazy about it and have been since I was a child. It happened, I lost my creative way and unfortunately, it dragged out longer than I had hoped.

On the positive side of things, I immersed myself in the world of Instagram, engaging with kindred spirits. I walked away from Facebook and spent time reading heaps of books and blogs, listened to inspiring podcasts, channeled Jane Austen for some old fashion letter writing, jammed with great tunes on Pandora, dreamt a lot, learned new things and most importantly, felt more present with family and close friends than ever before.

Watch this space as on the menu for 2019: plenty of photography, curiosity, creativity and well-being.

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30 Minutes in the Life | October 2018

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