Hello, my name is Liz Godfrey.

Hello and welcome! I’m Liz, a 40-something American who has a tendency to get a little bit cranky if I don’t feed my restless curiosity and cultivate my love for travel and creativity.

I’m a photographer, traveller, dreamer and all around creative enthusiast who strives to live each day with gratitude, purpose, curiosity and inspiration. The Fernweh Files is both a journey and destination for sharing all the things I am passionate about: travel (whether it be at home or afar), arts & culture, food, creativity and well-being.

I have a degree in Art History from Boston University and used to dream of working for National Geographic. My path took a different turn and instead I worked for several years as an event sales assistant for Hyatt Hotels National Sales office in Washington, DC. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled to many places around the world and have had the pleasure of living in Washington DC, Germany, Boston, Connecticut, and England. I currently reside in Florida with my cracking British husband, two full of energy children and cheeky goldendoodle, Kobe.

Photography is a big part of my life and is a reflection of my personality - curious, observing, and emotive. There is nothing more exciting than having a camera in my hand, getting lost in different places at home and afar.  I enjoy visually expressing what I would love to say in words but like many times with travel, I’m left absolutely speechless by what I see before me and am content to have the memory of that moment or a collection of images that speak the “words” for me.

I strive to be a better photographer, global citizen, mother, partner, writer and storyteller. I believe life is a continually evolving journey and my story is still being written each and everyday!  It is something that I am embracing to the fullest and couldn’t imagine any other way. In the words of Michelangelo: "Ancora Imparo", "Yet I am learning".

I’m excited to share my journey, the inspirational things I love and discover along the way and to see where this blogging path leads me. Hope you’ll join me on this adventure and please feel free to have a wander, comment and say hello.